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Florida, In The Sun And Fun Flying

The vacation rental villas in the Kissimmee and Orlando area experience an upturn in renters around this time every year, with those magnificent men in their flying machines turning up in the sunshine state to enjoy a whole week, wallowing in their hobby.

The week in Florida, of usually around the 3rd week of April, the annual Sun n Fun event takes place in Lakeland.

Hundreds of private pilots and anybody with an interest in aviation generally will be attending the event at Linder Regional airport at junction 22 of Interstate 4.

Many will not even attempt to visit the major theme parks of Disney and Universal studios and Sea World , instead driven by the fuel and smells coming from the mighty engines and sleek lines of these aircraft. Most will spend days visiting the event, and most every aspect of aviation and avionics will be covered.

The Sun ‘n Fun fly-in, has been promoting aviation safety through education for more than 29 years. As they prepare to celebrate their next anniversary, you are invited to join them and experience their annual convention held each April. Our event has grown to become the second largest aviation convention of its kind.

There is something here for everyone. Its an opportunity for the kids to get out of the pool at their Florida villa rental and get close up to these “birds” a day out from the theme parks.

More than 450 workshops and forums are available to our guests. They are informative, educational and, quite often, entertaining. Many offer the novice an opportunity for hands-on experience and the expert an outstanding refresher course. Each day has a full schedule of events.

A daily air show is scheduled to keep those who enjoy airplane noise thoroughly entertained. If you are more for a quieter entertainment, be sure to stop by the Florida Air Museum at Sun 'n Fun. Our museum is open all year long.

If you share the love of aviation, come, join the fun, volunteer and become part of the family. We are sure you will find it a very rewarding experience.

Events are planned around the festival including a trip to the orange groves and a visit to the factories to see how one of Florida’s assets, the orange, is turned into the juices enjoyed by millions throughout the world.

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